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Game Design Experience:

Game 3:

While working at Game 3 I had to gain an understanding of each game we supported. This included understanding the rules of each game, key interactions, the player base, and how the meta was shifting with each set's release. I have also gained a new understanding for social media's role in marketing as I took over making banners and certain posts for Game 3's Facebook page.

Pokémon Judging:

When becoming a judge for Pokémon I had to prove that I had a deep understanding of the trading card game. This was so I could give fair rulings to players during competitions. Since Pokémon rotates what is legal in the current format I had to keep up to date with what interactions and cards were allowed to be played in decks and how they would interact with their opponent's board. 

Leadership Experience:


YLCC was a leadership camp out of Orillia Ontario. It was run by Stu Saunders who was named one of the top 50 leaders in Canada. We focused on things we could do to keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally as well as learning ways to lead teams effectively through various means and except others as a part of that team. Learning ways to grow trust and lead in the way that a unique team would need under any conditions.

Team 781:

Team 781 is a First Robotics Competition team out of Kincardine Ontario. We had to work as a team to fundraise, plan, and build a robot to play a game given to us each year. This was a lot to do as high school students it was a lot to take on. On my second year of the team I took on the Administrative Captain role for our team. This meant I would organize and spearhead all fundraising events, outreach events, award applications, and weekly meetings the team would do. In fall of 2019 I took on the role of Team captain. This meant I would be in charge of not only the administrative functions of the team  but the building aspects as well we were given our game (First Infinite Recharge) in January of 2020 and we started to build for our competition season in March. Unfortunately just as we had finished our build the global Covid 19 pandemic hit and though we had a successful build we were unable to compete. 

Drama Camp Councilor:

During my high school career I also helped run multiple drama and improv based camps around my home town. Here not only did I have to make creative and unique exercises for the kids in the camp, but I had to help train them for the large play we would put on at the end of the week.  

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