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The Wizarding Escape of Barry Porter

Project type

Game design


September 2022 - April 2023


Sheridan College, Honors Bachelor of Game Design

Project Description:
This is a video game I helped create in the puzzle and adventure genres. In this game you use the "A" and "D" keys to move across the screen as well as the space bar to jump. The player can also use the left click of the mouse to place blocks wherever the cursor is located. The goal is to reach the flag in each level by completing a puzzle using the ability to place blocks. This was an eight month project completed with an initial group of five which later transitioned to four members.
My Rolls and Responsibilities:

During this assignment I acted as project manager as well as the user interphase (UI) designer. As project manager I was tasked with making sure there was clear communication amongst my other group members as well as running the back end of the project through management software called Jira.  As UI designer I was tasked with adding in clear instructions for interaction with the player.

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